Foshan Nanhai Tianjie Acoustic Materials Factory established in 2010 and located in the Famous Building Materials City Of Foshan, China, specializing in the production of acoustical materials, decorative wooden boards, sound insulation board and other related kinds. We have the most advanced machine and accessories of acoustic materials ,our products are high quality and reasonable price. We have very rich experience in the development, production and distribution of acoustic materials, as well as large construction project service experience. Our acoustic panels (sound absorbing panels) include wood fiber acoustic panels, fiberglass acoustic panels, groove wooden acoustic panels, perforated wooden acoustic panels, wooden diffusing acoustic panels, and others. Currently we have work with many well-known architect designer and supply for large stadium , cinema ,stylistic center and so on . Moreover, we have more than 150 different kinds products , and we are continuously developing wonderfully new designs according to market trend and customer requirement; We have more than100 different finishing styles, such as melamine, painting, fire-retarding facing and so on .